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Our Services

Separation & Divorce

Helping you map out the best way forward in the event of a relationship breakdown.

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The Children

The right experience, advice and counsel can make an enormous impact for child custody arrangements.

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Property & Financial

Achieve a fair division of assets for you and your family through a negotiated property settlement.

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Child Support

Experience, advice and counsel make a difference when negotiating to secure your child’s future.

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Ensuring lines of communication stay open between parties and helping them come to their own solutions.

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A dispute resolution format that helps you work towards a binding decision without involving a court.

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When all attempts to resolve a Family Law issue have been exhausted we’ll fight in your corner.

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An approach to dispute resolution involving all parties that offers long term benefits to families.

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Family Violence

Early identification of issues and strategies to ensure you and your family can remain safe.

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Our trusted partners offer strategies to support your emotional wellbeing and decision-making.

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Estate Administration & Probate

Sensitive and strategic services for the benefit of the people you hold dearest.

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Family Lawyers Perth

Perth Family Law – Find a Future You Can Live With

Our Difference

We have built our family law firm for the overall welfare of our clients, with a passion to deliver the best service, understanding, legal process and client experience possible.

As leading family lawyers in Perth, we specialise in resolving family separation and divorce situations. It’s all we do – all day, every day. Our experience provides the knowledge and insight to guide you through what may be one of your most challenging times.

We understand and value of the significant role we are trusted with. We honour that trust by developing a deep understanding of your family law situation, as a basis to provide the best advice.

Our approach isn’t one dimensional. We combine complimentary family law skillsets, in the one place – legal, financial, commercial and psychological professionals.

Uniquely, we partner directly with some of Perth’s leading family and relationship counsellors to provide you access to personal advice to help guide your separation journey.

Our main difference is that we are not just a family law firm. We are leading family lawyers Perth clients can trust to help them find a future they can live with.