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I wanted to write to share an experience I had this morning with one of your staff. I called on behalf of a familt member and was put through to Cate.

She was soothing, professional, humane and present.

My niece has been on a very challenging journey, and I am part of her “support crew” accepting the role of finding her a new lawyer.

I liked the feeling of Loukas Law – it’s quiet yet strong presence, the link to Counselling professionals, the team and the way their information was presented, the testimonials etc – yet I was unprepared for the caring, steady feeling of Cate, as she patiently and respectfully gathered information and responded to my questions.

I believe my relief was tangible!

It was a heartfelt response I am so grateful to have received.

We now have a phone conversation booked for this Thursday and I am beyond happy that at long last, my niece will be in safe and good hands.



When you make the decision to end your relationship you are unknowingly submitting yourself a process that will, in most cases, make AND break you.

Fundamental to this process is a system that will at best seem illogical and unfair, at least this was the sense in my case. Your only way to survive it is with the guidance and wisdom of your legal council. The team at Loukas Law were my lifeguards and too often my councillors through my ordeal and without them I fear, with certainty, that my outcome could have been far worse.

I cannot endorse more highly and sincerely all of the people that make up Loukas Law, they are mentally and emotionally as invested in your ordeal as you are.  Do not compromise your representation, it’s what gets you to the other side in one piece and with some sanity. I am eternally grateful.



If you are reading this, you are likely on the path toward some changes in your life. With the kind of change that comes from seeking out the services of a family lawyer, you will want people around you who have your back, and want the best for you, and will do what it takes to achieve the best outcome for you, and your children. If there are children.

From my personal experience, the team at Loukas Law will do all this and more. They will have your back. You will be in good hands.

In the shock period after my separation, I did what a lot of people do and contacted one of the big firms. There’s a place for these firms, but it took a bit of time and water under the bridge (and money…) for me to realise that we perhaps weren’t the best fit and I was a small cog in a big wheel.

I was fortunate enough to meet the founder of Loukas Law, Maria Loukas, through a mutual friend at a work event, and I felt that we clicked (and didn’t even touch on the family law thing/separation/divorce) and that she genuinely is a good, caring person.

An appointment later, and I moved my family law affairs from the big firm in the city to Loukas Law with easy parking on a side street (these things all make it easier) and haven’t looked back, or looked anywhere else.

Maria and her team – a special mention to Alyce here – are very good at what they do. And they do it with compassion, kindness and with thoughtfulness. Importantly, they have the experience, the smarts, the support and they have what it takes to do what’s needed when it comes to the crunch.

I highly recommend Loukas Law, and wish you all the best in your journey to the start of your new life.



I knew from the moment I walked into the waiting area of Loukas Law that I was in a nurturing environment. From the window view of the gorgeous trees outside to the cherubs above me, I felt like I was in the right place for me.

Due to the ongoing difficulties of dealing with a complicated ex partner, my psychological care was recognised and addressed as well as my legal concerns.

All members of staff were always professional, friendly and accommodating and I would like to thank Sophie, Alyce and Maria for representing and supporting me through a difficult and extremely stressful time in my life.



You are an absolute delight to work with Renee! You have such a beautiful manner and are so patient and kind. I recommend you and Maria at any opportunity and know absolutely that they will be in safe, wise, warm and accurate hands.

You were a bright light at an especially difficult time and have the most beautiful phone manner and written communication.



Thanks Becca and Maria

I am very grateful for all the efforts you have both put in to get this chapter of my life closed.

I will share this story as I journey through the next chapter of my life and will reflect with admiration on both of you.

I look forward to seeing you both thrive and prosper.



From the moment I walked into the office to meet with Maria and Alyce I have felt surrounded and supported through what is the most trying period of my life, divorce. I have complete faith in their ability to ensure that my children and I receive the fairest, most amicable outcome.

This enables me to try to start a new life without worrying about how I’m going to make it through. They are the first people I call when I have a question about anything and they have consistently been able to explain every step of the process so that I feel empowered.

They are invested in my future and the future of my children and this gives me immense confidence.



A harrowing experience such as divorce need not be as such as with Loukas Law; from the minute you step into their office, you feel a sense of calm and comfort.

Both Maria and Alyce are professional, supportive and above all caring as I navigated through a myriad of financial and family matters with them with even squeezing is a few laughs along the way in between the tears.

They are so flexible and adaptable that I was contacted whilst overseas and felt supported during this tumultuous time.

Thank you so very much for your hard work and your professional and calming manner which I appreciated so very much.



Hi Maria and Sophie

It is long overdue that I write to thank you for your incredible support.

…I felt immediately welcomed, understood and supported at your office. I look back and am amazed at how you were able to make such a quick, accurate assessment of my situation and from this provide really good advice. It took me many months, and many more conversations with different people to understand the circumstances I had been living in!!

…Again, thank you for your support and I hope you are both going well. We will be referring anyone in need to you!!



Hi Grace …thanks for being so patient, thoughtful and onto it throughout this matter. I’ve really valued your input and conscientiousness.

You are really good at what you do.



I was fortunate to have been referred to Maria Loukas by a mutual (lawyer) friend soon after I separated from my ex-wife more than three years ago. I am a busy professional man with four children. Maria Loukas first assisted me with our successfully mediated financial settlement in 2016. A more protracted wrangle followed over parenting arrangements which was handled primarily by lawyer Grace Slatyer with principal Maria Loukas’s oversight. This matter went to trial with the assistance of Loukas Law’s preferred counsel – who must be the best Family law barrister in Perth. I consider that Grace Slatyer, Maria Loukas and my barrister were absolutely outstanding from beginning to end through what was a personally trying and sometimes upsetting two years.

Their superior diligence, knowledge and strategic understanding of WA Family Law and court proceedings was extremely helpful. Every step was explained to me and they made themselves available at all hours with unfailing good humour. At all times they treated me with courtesy and kindness, including when I was at times frustrated and angry.

Loukas Law are a superior, genuinely caring firm who strive for the best outcome possible for their clients and children. I unhesitatingly recommend them to anyone in need of Family Law assistance.



As a regular client of Loukas Law for the last 2 years I have found them to be a professional organisation with a dedicated team of people in a warm and friendly environment.

I highly recommend my lawyers Maria Loukas and Grace Slatyer. They handled my cases professionally with a depth of experience that has brought an outcome  beyond expectations and removed the stress and confusion that can come with legal matters.

I would highly recommend Loukas law legal to my family, friends and anyone seeking legal advice. An absolute pleasure to work with.



Without doubt, going through the Family Court system is one of the most gruelling and invasive things you can ever have the misfortune to experience.  It is completely soul-less.

Over 3-4 years, I changed my legal representation three times, feeling unheard and buried in their constant invoices for services that lacked any real care and attention.

When Maria Loukas, then working for another firm, was assigned my case just 10 days before trial, completely unknown to me and foreign to my dealings with that firm over the prior 18 months, I was livid.

Within minutes Maria did what nobody else had ever come close to doing in the previous years – she apologised, she recognised, and she verbalised my case – the facts, the dates, the names, the issues, and the pain.

She learnt quickly how I expressed myself, how I interpreted my surroundings and the language to use to bring the best out in me.  She is humane, sharp, warm, intelligent and savvy.  She was prepared, and ready.

She is diligent, caring and concerned. She is realistic, cautiously optimistic, and in every way – chic.  From her carefully crafted office that makes you feel like you are chatting to an old friend in a relaxed tea lounge, to the ‘in it together’ go-the-extra-mile attitude, Maria is in a league of her own.

I don’t hesitate to refer Maria Loukas to anyone going through this process, particularly if you want your heart and soul intact at the end of it.

Lawyers can’t learn what Maria offers, it’s instinctive and distinctive.  Hand on heart – Maria Loukas, I salute you!  (How many can say that about their lawyers?)



We really appreciated both Maria and Grace’s advice and support – they were amazing.

We really valued and needed their advice and guidance through the entire process.



I am not sure if I have expressed this but I am incredibly grateful to have your support through what is a challenging time in my life. I know for you it is just a job but for me what you are doing is so much more and you are going so much further than you need to, I will be forever grateful.



Good morning Becca, I just wanted to send you a quick email on this special day and tell you what an incredible young woman I think you are. You should be very proud of your achievements.

I think the most important gift that sets both you and Maria apart from many others is the compassion and care you show in your work. From a client’s perspective, I never felt that I was “a case”, I felt that my story was being heard and that you truly had my best interest and wellbeing at heart.

I actually enjoyed catching up with my “legal team” as bizarre as that may sound…Don’t ever lose that quality. I’ll be thinking of you today 🙂



I was referred to Maria Loukas by my psychotherapist, who had previously worked with Maria. I had other legal representation at the time, however as my case became increasingly complicated and trial loomed, I knew I was in the wrong hands.

The moment I spoke to Maria, that all changed. Maria listened to me, and for the first time in the process I felt heard as a person. I felt like someone really cared. I knew I was in the hands of an expert, who inspired real confidence.

The process of preparing for trial, and trial itself, was gruelling and stressful. Maria guided me through each step of the way in bite sized pieces. Maria has a remarkable manner in dealing with her clients – I felt like we were in it together, and that Maria was as invested in the outcome as I was. When I was overwhelmed at the what if’s, Maria always put it in perspective with her unique blend of compassion, tenacity and legal expertise.

I trusted Maria entirely through the process, and knew whatever the outcome of trial, that I could not have been better represented. In the end we were successful and the court delivered the outcome that we worked so hard for.

I cannot thank Maria enough, and I would recommend her without hesitation.



The whole process of divorce is not a favourable one, no matter who is the party leaving the marriage.

Maria was not only professional and understanding but compassionate as well. Never once did she only look at the situation one sided but in an objective way.

The outcome was brilliant, her advice and amazing support as well as honesty were outstanding.

I have already recommended Maria to several people that alone is testament to her and her capabilities.