Understanding the Family Law Amendment Bill 2023: Implications and Priorities for Perth Families

Are you navigating the complexities of family law in Perth? Loukas Law is here to guide you through the changes brought by the Family Law Amendment Bill 2023, ensuring your family’s rights and well-being are protected.

The Family Law Amendment Bill 2023 heralds a significant transformation in Australia’s family law landscape, akin to landmark reforms of the past. With influences from the Australian Law Reform Commission and responses to the Joint Select Committee on Australia’s Family Law System, these reforms prioritize the safety and best interests of children.

Prioritizing Children’s Safety

The central change introduced by the bill is the prioritization of children’s safety over the previous presumption of equal shared parental responsibility. This shift emphasizes the importance of ensuring children’s safety and well-being above all else, reflecting contemporary needs and values.

Empowering Children’s Voices

The bill replaces the current “best interest” factors with a new set of considerations, giving increased prominence to children’s views and clarifying the role of Independent Children’s Lawyers. This ensures that children’s voices are heard and valued in legal proceedings concerning their welfare.

Streamlining Parenting Matters

Various amendments streamline processes for dealing with contravention of orders, regulate Family Report Writers, and improve case management procedures. These changes aim to make navigating parenting matters more efficient and effective for families in Perth.

Transition Period and Implementation

With provisions set to come into effect six months after receiving Royal Assent in November 2023, the transition period allows for adjustments to the new system. From May 2024, changes related to Objects, Parental Responsibility, Best Interest Factors, Contravention Applications, Independent Children’s Lawyers Duties, Hague Convention matters, Case Management, Procedures, Publication of Family Law Proceedings, communications, identifying parties, and Family Report Writers will take effect.

Ensuring Children’s Safety and Rights

The bill replaces section 60B of the Family Law Act with two new objects, emphasizing the need to ensure children’s safety and comply with the Convention on the Rights of the Child. This includes protection from family violence and harmful situations, aligning with international principles.

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