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Relationship breakdown can be an inevitable part of life. However, as much as it may be the end of one thing, it is also the beginning of something new.


What’s the difference between separation and divorce and why is it important?

Both ‘separation’ and ‘divorce’ are terms that refer to the way relationships end. Each has their own legal ramifications. Separation is when any marriage-like or domestic relationship ends. Divorce is when a married relationship legally ends.

Separation (and divorce) does not always have to be a negative experience; it can sometimes be as simple as both of you filling out a form and going your separate ways.

Alternatively, you can make an application to the court on your own to seek your divorce order.

In all cases of separation and divorce, be clear about your date of separation and seek advice immediately about the time limitation periods that apply to your circumstances. ‘Time limitation periods’ refer to the amount of time you have to commence a legal course of action. Courts take them very seriously so do not underestimate the importance of complying with your time limitation period.


Divorce lawyers Perth family law clients can rely on

Whatever the starting point, we will help you map out the best way forward in the event of a separation or divorce. We will determine the best course of action for you and your family.

Expertise in all forms of dispute resolution
We are one of few law firms in Perth that offer expertise in all types of dispute resolution processes, including collaborative law practice.

A unique emotional support service
We are also the first law firm in Perth to provide access to counsellors in-house, thanks to our partnership with Cottesloe Counselling.

In our experience, professional mental health support plays an integral part in a client’s separation experience. For that reason, we also have affiliations with a variety of mental health professionals to suit individual needs.

Loukas Law are the divorce lawyers Perth family law clients can rely on. We offer a service that caters to all of your most important needs – not just legal – and all in house.

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