Family Violence

It comes in all forms. We can make it stop.

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Stop it at the start

Family Violence can take many forms, all of them harmful. If it is happening to you, it’s most likely happening to, or impacting, the lives and development of your children and loved ones.

Physical violence is never acceptable; however, family violence can be exerted through unilateral financial control, emotional abuse and much more. The issue is problematic because often those victimised are not aware of what is happening and the damage it can cause.

Alarming statistics regularly show us family violence can even be fatal. Going beyond that, family and domestic violence can impact upon society-at-large. Children who grow up in households where family violence occurs risk carrying that trauma into their future relationships.

We know that perpetrators of family violence are often smart and deceptive. Often victims question their own reality and experiences after years being oppressed and abused. None of these things deter us as family lawyers from finding the truth and implementing the protection that you need to survive and move on with your life.

We can help you identify family violence issues at the earliest stages and work strategically and sensitively to ensure you and your family can remain safe.


What is family violence?

The law recognises that violence in a domestic or family setting: does not discriminate between men, women, race of beliefs; includes all behaviours that cause fear and/or harm; has many faces (financial, emotional and psychological abuse); and can affect more than direct victims (children’s exposure to such violence will be considered in family law applications).


Domestic violence lawyers Perth families trust

While the law is gradually catching up to the realities of family violence and its long-term impact, it is relevant and important to your overall circumstances when it comes to separation.

You can trust Loukas Law to help you: identify family violence issues at the earliest stages; avoid the pitfalls associated with non-physical proof of family violence; ensure you don’t need to confront your abuser during the process of separation; work strategically and sensitively to ensure you and your family can remain safe; and put you in touch with other professional services you may require to stay safe.

Loukas Law are the domestic violence lawyers Perth families can trust because we genuinely care about your well-being. And we have the resources and experience to look after, not just your legal needs, but your physical and psychological needs too.

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