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If litigation is your only alternative for a fair result you want family court lawyers invested in your outcome who are across the detail, think strategically, control the agenda, don't waste time and effort, and won’t allow you to be intimidated. If it comes to court, you want confidence, knowledge, capability and passion. With Loukas Law, that’s what you’ll get. We take pride in being the best and are up for that fight.

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What's Best for Your Child - Now, and in the Future?

The phrase “best interests of the child” is one you will often hear. It’s a well-meaning statement, but it can ring hollow, depending on the situation. This is especially the case if you face the added pressure and complexity of dealing with an uncooperative partner, or someone suffering from mental health issues such as depression or narcissism or battling with drug or alcohol addiction.

The Children


Litigation essentially means taking the matter to court and making your case in front of a judicial officer, like a Magistrate or Judge, who will then decide the final outcome. Litigation is highly process-driven, and often complicated, but it is indeed final.

In terms of family law specifically, litigation becomes even more challenging: Lengthy delays are not uncommon. Proceedings can be expensive and emotionally draining. The family court process is equal parts rigid and confusing to navigate.

While there are various services and resources devoted to helping people to represent themselves, you should always seek legal counsel – whether it is to inform or represent you.


The impact of parental separation on children is well-documented. The negative effects can be both deeply traumatic and far-reaching, affecting their development well into adulthood.

In times of high stress and anxiety, this impact can be incredibly difficult to grasp, often because the insight required to put the children first may be clouded by fear, panic or mental health issues.

The right experience, advice and counsel can make an enormous difference when negotiating and mapping out child custody arrangements. It can assist your child’s emotional, psychological and physical wellbeing over their journey through to adulthood.

If you are thinking of relocating with your children interstate or overseas after a relationship breakdown, specialist legal advice is essential.


Sorting through these situations is not straight-forward. It requires the balancing of your needs against the needs of the children, and their right to have a meaningful relationship with the other parent.

Loukas Law are the family court lawyers families need in delicate separation or divorce proceedings. We have the track record to show for it too. We have acted in many child custody and relocation matters and are confident in advocating to achieve the best outcomes for you and your family.

How We Can Help With Other Family Law Matters

Property & Financial

Achieve a fair division of assets for you and your family through a negotiated property settlement.

Property and Finance

The Children

Experience, advice and counsel make a difference when negotiating to secure your child’s future.

Child Support

Family Violence

Early identification of issues and strategies to ensure you and your family can remain safe.

Family Violence


Ensuring lines of communication stay open between parties and helping them come to their own solutions.


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