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Dividing the assets – there’s more than a formula to fair

The concept of contribution is important in building any relationship, as each person puts pieces of themselves into it to try and make it work. The reverse is also true when relationships come to an end.

A fair division of assets through a property settlement is an important way to make sure not only that each party’s contribution is properly acknowledged, but also that where possible each member of the family is set up to meet their future needs.

In many cases, a fair settlement can be achieved through negotiation and compromise. Not always a comfortable process, but a better outcome than the depletion of family resources and the emotional cost of a drawn-out court battle. In other cases, the only path to fairness is through a judicial determination of the Family Court.

We understand that progress towards a fair financial outcome can sometimes be obscured through a lack of financial disclosure and candour. We pride ourselves on our financially literate approach and, where needed, draw in specialist accounting and related commercial resources, to unpack more complex property matters and follow the money trail. Applying world-class financial tracking services, distance, complexity and high-emotions are no barrier.

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