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Your Separation. Our Strategy.


Every family law situation is different. Most people are not equipped to go through the process of separation alone and will benefit from the right advice at the right time, from experienced professionals. We have built Loukas Law for this purpose.

We are Family Law specialists who don’t lose sight of your bigger picture and can help, whatever your situation – from amicable to hostile, and all points in between.

Thinking Separation?

It’s a big decision! For some, it’s turning their world upside down. For others, there’s no choice. Whatever your reason, and as difficult as this time may be, you need to know where you stand legally, financially and for the wellbeing of your children. We assemble the facts, outline the options and take you through the pathways to work things out. As much as you may not want to do this, maybe it’s going to happen anyway. If it does, you want the right team beside you.

Tell me my options

We’re Agreed

Well done! If you're separating, this is the ideal position, often reflecting a level of personal investment, perspective and humility that few outside your process understand. We have the experience to reflect your agreement in binding terms so you can start planning your future with certainty. We are mindful of the benefits of your amicable approach and work cooperatively with all parties to ensure essential legal, financial, children's matters and other aspects are documented in a sensible and reliable way.

Help me get this done

Almost Agreed

That's great! Let's help you keep working towards your goal. We understand your path to personal resolution may take many turns. We will guide and support your negotiations, always mindful of your financial and personal outcomes, providing a balanced view of the costs and benefits of the alternatives.

Help me get this over the line

Worlds Apart

It may seem that way now, but you can get there in the end. Let's think strategically and surround you with the knowledge, capability and strength to break down the issues and work through your situation. We deal with these sorts of circumstances daily and can often help you find a new path to a solution.

I need help to cut through this

It’s Complicated

You don’t know how you got here, but it’s time to sort through the mess. Your situation may have an element of everything: Who will the children live with? How much will maintenance be? What and where are the assets? Can I live overseas or interstate and take the children? I’m living with a narcissist! There’s a binding financial agreement I need overturned. I need to change lawyers. I can’t self-represent anymore. We help you unpack and rebuild your circumstances, surrounding you with legal, financial and counselling resources, providing decades of insight to find a clearer path for the future.

Help me out of this mess

It’s Hostile

You’ve seen the good, the bad, and now the ugly. If you’ve been threatened or you’re feeling vulnerable in the wake of a breakup, separation or divorce, we can help. We know how to rebalance the power in your situation, so you can make decisions for your future without fear and pressure. We are your advocate to work through the problem and mitigate the damage. And in physically threatening situations, we get you the protection you need.

Give me support, protection and strategy

Time for Court

Peace through strength – sometimes the only path to a fair separation is through an independent ruling of the family court. Our experience on major litigation matters, working with some of Australia's top barristers and senior counsel will place you in your best position. You’ll be strategically, technically and organisationally supported by insights from leading professionals in other disciplines, such as psychology and accounting, to secure your future. We know how personally tough the court process can be. We’ll surround you with the strength and support you need to come out of it in the best possible shape personally.

Help me to find justice

I Need Protection

You’ve been in this cycle for so long – now you need it to stop. Whether you’ve been threatened, intimidated or physically abused we can take the steps to make it stop – quickly. We understand there’s nothing more difficult than breaking the cycle of abuse; whether physical, emotional or financial. We’re expert in accessing legal protections and can introduce you to experienced counsellors who work side-by-side with us to support you through your journey to find peace. It may sound simple, but we know it’s hard.

Make it stop - now

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