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Why is counselling important in family law?

Unfortunately, when consumed by the process of separation or divorce, one of the most overlooked areas is psychological and emotional health – both our own, and the people around us who are also affected, such as our children. Even our communities of support, like our extended families, can be impacted by the process of separation.

It’s understandable that your focus can shift elsewhere in times of conflict and stress, particularly where children are involved. So it’s important to surround yourself with professional support to ensure your decision-making and resilience are not compromised. Reach out for help.


Access to family counselling Perth clients can call upon

Thanks to our partnership with Cottesloe Counselling, Loukas Law provides access to family counselling Perth clients can consult with.

Our partnership with counsellors provides immediate access to a wealth of experience in issues that often coincide with, or are exacerbated by, family law issues. These include: child and adolescent health, including anxiety disorders and supporting transitioning children; family violence trauma counselling and safety planning; and relationship counselling, should you be unsure about separation.

Working closely with highly-experienced family counselling experts, we not only provide the legal understanding and advice that you need, but we can also introduce strategies to support your emotional and decision-making wellbeing.

To learn more about our partners, please visit Cottesloe Counselling.

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