Cottesloe Counselling

Our Partner. Your Therapist.

A Unique Partnership

Psychological and emotional health is one of the most overlooked areas when people are in the midst of separation or divorce proceedings.

Loukas Law and Cottesloe Counselling commenced a working partnership to benefit mutual clients in 2016.

Through this association we are able to offer our clients access to more than just legal advice, we work with like minded people to support them and get to the heart of the issues.

Cottesloe Counselling

Established in 1997, Cottesloe Counselling Centre is one of Western Australia’s leading personal counselling practices, providing high quality clinical care and professional psychological services to the Perth community.

Cottesloe Counselling has a team of experienced and qualified Counsellors and Psychologists who are committed to respectful, reflective and effective practice.

With expertise in relationships and family breakdown and children’s issues, Cottesloe Counselling were a natural fit for the ethos of Loukas Law’s practice.

For more information, please visit the Cottesloe Counselling website.

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