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Some separation processes can be difficult, but it is also common for parties to genuinely want to work cooperatively to develop a separation solution that balances everyone’s best interests. Collaborative practice provides an integrated method of dispute resolution where you and your former partner agree that each of you, your legal representatives and other relevant advisors – such as child counsellors and financial advisors – have an equal seat at the table, to negotiate such a solution.

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How Does Mediation and Collaborative Law Differ?

Whilst mediation and collaborative practice are similar in a number of ways, in particular, each seeking to resolve disputes without litigation, there are some differences. The most notable being that as a mediator is a neutral party, they maintain a balanced approach, while assisting clients to make up their own decisions. They do not advocate for any one of you. Conversely, collaborative lawyers act or advocate for each of their respective clients.



Unlike mediation or arbitration, collaborative law practice does not involve a third-party to facilitate the negotiations – it is a group coming together, each with their own expertise. It also requires you and your former partner to agree – in good faith – not to go to Court and not threaten to use the Court process as a means of coercing the other to agree.


We are the collaborative lawyers Perth families should consider because our practice is one of an exclusive set of law firms in Perth that is trained in collaborative practice.

Experience tells us that if used effectively the collaborative approach offers a number of long-term benefits to family units.

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How We Can Help With Collaborative Separation

Property & Financial

Achieve a fair division of assets for you and your family through a negotiated property settlement.

Property and Finance

The Children

Experience, advice and counsel make a difference when negotiating to secure your child’s future.

Child Support


Ensuring lines of communication stay open between parties and helping them come to their own solutions.


Litigation in Family Court

The right experience, advice and counsel can make an enormous impact for child custody arrangements.

Litigation in Family Court

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