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Not all situations are the same

For some families, a parent’s obligations to their children never ceases – no matter what. This can be more the case during a separation or divorce, which can have a traumatic impact on children – especially if that process is not managed well.


What are the child support obligations after a divorce or separation?

As far as the law is concerned, parents always have some level of legal responsibility for giving financial support to their children, even if they never lived with the other parent; they do not live or spend time with the children; or they are an adoptive parent for the children.

One way to guard your children against the adverse impacts of a divorce or separation is by working together (where possible) to decide, and secure, the various financial responsibilities for them, outside the scope of the child support agency’s formula – be it through private agreements or specific court departure orders.


Child support lawyers Perth families can trust

We know first-hand that working out who contributes what, and how much, to the ongoing care of children can be challenging. It sometimes results in certain types of contributions not being properly acknowledged.

Loukas Law can help you account for, quantify and document the various ways you and your co-parent care for your children, and protect their futures. This includes: working out whether child support (for children under 18 years of age) or child maintenance (in limited circumstances for children over the age of 18 years) is appropriate; helping you decide how child support payments are set and collected; and assisting you if there is doubt about a child’s parentage.

Loukas Law are the child support lawyers Perth family law clients can trust because we will work to help support and secure your child’s future on a workable basis, for all involved.

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