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Before considering going to Court, parties in the process of separation or divorce are generally required to attempt to reach their own mutually workable solution. Only in the most limited circumstances would a separating couple not need to go through a Family Dispute Resolution process.


What is mediation?

Mediation is one such process; where an external, impartial mediator facilitates parties to come to their own solutions, by making sure the lines of communication stay open between them to identify mutual interests and feelings.


What issues can be brought up in a mediation?

Mediation is about providing a more informal space for parties to come together and work out arrangements for a number of issues including: children’s living and spending time arrangements; long-term and day-to-day arrangements for children; and how property and finances will be divided.


What are the benefits of mediation?

Generally, mediation is considered beneficial for a number of reasons: less costly; faster resolution of issues; promotes co-operation and communication needed for co-parenting; greater decision-making control by the parties; and less stressful and traumatic than court proceedings.


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By collaborating closely with accountants and counsellors, our focus is to reduce the financial impact of separation and the likelihood of litigation. We will also work hard to help secure the well-being and future of your family.

Perth families thinking about mediation should consider Loukas Law because we take a holistic approach to Family Dispute Resolution.

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