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We’re with you to the end

If all attempts to resolve a Family Law issue have been exhausted, litigation may be your only alternative for a fair outcome. We are up for that fight.

If it comes to court, you want confidence, knowledge, capability and passion.

You want someone invested in your outcome who is across the detail, thinks strategically, controls the agenda, doesn’t waste time and effort, and won’t allow you to be intimidated.

With Loukas Law, that’s what you’ll get.


What is litigation in the family court like?

Litigation essentially means taking the matter to court and making your case in front of a judicial officer, like a Magistrate or Judge, who will then decide the final outcome. Litigation is highly process-driven, and often complicated, but it is indeed final.

In terms of family law specifically, litigation becomes even more challenging: Lengthy delays are not uncommon. Proceedings can be expensive and emotionally draining. The family court process is equal parts rigid and confusing to navigate.

While there are various services and resources devoted to helping people to represent themselves, you should always seek legal counsel – whether it is to inform or represent you.


Litigation lawyers Perth family law clients can trust

The current legal system is very clear about expecting clients to do everything they can to resolve matters on their own terms. In most instances, this is how family law matters are resolved. If this doesn’t work and court is inevitable, you want us on your side.

We have an outstanding litigation track record, based on a deep understanding of our clients’ circumstances, rigorous knowledge of the law, thorough preparation, and teaming with some of Australia’s leading barristers and senior counsel.

Put simply – we know how to win.

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